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Our Service

Don’t let the name put you off. Regional Wholesalers sell direct to the public as well the trade. Now, you don’t have to be a club or restaurant to order the very best meat from the best local butchers. It’s like an exclusive club, which is open to everyone.

About Regional Wholesalers

Support the company that proudly supports the country. 

Before the supermarket and the corner store, you didn’t have to look for the best produce, it made its way to you. Today, Regional Wholesalers - a local family owned and operated business - brings back those days by delivering the best fresh (and dry frozen) produce like local meat, fresh seafood, seasonal fruit and veggies, directly to you.

Our Background

It’s a local success story that goes back over two decades (1996). Regional Wholesalers was started by 2 brothers, Luke and Jamie Morgan who saw the need for a local, reliable delivery service that guaranteed a way for the finest local produce found it’s way to discerning local restaurants. Over the years the service has grown to include fresh fruit and vegetables, even seafood for not only the hospitality trade, but the general public as well.

What makes us different?

In over 20 years in business, you meet a lot of people. How many of those can you remember by face or even by name? Jamie and Luke are proud to say they have made many friends amongst their clients. It’s a two way street. While the right product at the right price is important, it’s also about getting that little bit of extra knowledge and personal attention. It’s the little things can make such a big difference.



Our Delivery Map

Below is our delivery map. We deliver to the following places: Horsham, Avoca, Saint Amaud, Lexton, Donald, Warrnacknabeal, Birchip, Boort, Rupanyup, Minyip, Wedderburn, Korong Vale, Charlton, Murtoa and Wycheproof. 


Delivery times:

Donald – Tuesday and Thursday 3-6

Charlton – Wednesday Only 12-3